“In 2007, the former dean of Radcliffe College (the woman’s college at Harvard before the two were merged) asked Maria Karagianis if she could nominate her to be a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow (put the link here) A roster of high achieving non-academic professionals across America with prominent careers in politics, journalism, the arts, business and other disciplines, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows are invited by colleges around the United States for week-long stints as key-note campus speakers and celebrity teachers. Since that time, Karagianis  has been honored to travel to many, many colleges and universities around the United States — from Pennsylvania, to Indiana to Minnesota and Iowa — sharing her insights, wisdom and professional experiences as a journalist and social entrepreneur, who founded Discovering Justice (www.discoveringjustice.org) at the United States Courthouse on Boston Harbor. Founded in 1999, Discovering Justice is a nationally recognized non-profit educational organization that teaches adults and children, many of them from the inner-city, about justice and democracy. (attach here from Googling, some descriptions from some of the universities I have spoken at … I can help you find these when we are together). Karagianis, recently, has also been speaking nationally about the refugee crisis. In 2016, at the height of the crisis of refugees pouring into Europe  from the Middle East, Karagianis — a Greek-speaker — was invited to the Greek island of Lesbos, less than two miles from the Turkish coast. There she witnessed what will no doubt become one of the greatest catastrophes of the 21st century. Living with Greek innkeepers on the coast where 1500 starving and traumatized people were washing up every day in leaky boats, she also snuck into one of the refugee camps with some evangelical Christian aid workers, interviewing many people during her week on the island.  Asked when she returned to Boston, to create a power point and give a speech about the crisis at the Harvard Club of Boston, she has since given her talk more than 40 times across the United States to groups ranging from the Providence Council on Foreign Relations to Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida to a Catholic college in Cincinnati, Ohio. (you can use here – inside — some descriptions of the talk like the one from the Harvard Club o Boston)